Foundation Windpower, LLC — Menlo Park, California — builds wind turbine generators on-site at businesses facing large energy demand and high energy costs. We finance, build, and maintain our turbines at no cost to our customers, and help our customers control costs by selling the electricity generated by the turbines directly to them at a price below utility rates. Our customers include mines, quarries, distribution centers, agricultural processing facilities, water treatment facilities, and other large energy users looking to save money through renewable generation.

Foundation Windpower offers Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) at either a fixed price or a discount indexed to remain a fixed percentage below utility rates. This allows our customers to choose the solution that best meets their operational and financial planning needs.

Wind power offers a renewable resource that dramatically reduces hydrocarbon emissions while decreasing America’s dependence on foreign oil. Hosting an on-site wind turbine is a visible symbol of environmental stewardship and a demonstration of a commitment to American energy independence.

Net Energy Metering laws make our projects feasible even if a customer’s operation does not run 24 hours a day. When turbine generation exceeds customer demand, or if energy is generated when a customer facility is not running, the excess energy runs back into the grid, and the customer receives a credit from their utility. Conversely, when the wind is idle or customer demand exceeds turbine production, the customer buys grid power as usual, or a combination of grid and turbine power. Our customers’ operations face no power disruption from our wind turbines; the wind turbines and grid operate seamlessly in parallel.

Our step-by-step process assures timely completion:


Wind Study: We rigorously analyze a proposed site using our own proprietary algorithm based on data from AWS Truewind WindNavigator, the NREL IMBY Wind Resource Calculator and California irrigation data. We then offer projected wind availability throughout the day and the seasons to project expected electricity generation.

Financial Sensitivity Analysis: We determine whether the project will be financially viable for our customer and for Foundation Windpower. Typically we will not bid a project unless we can offer a discount to existing and projected utility rates.

Financial Overview & Cost Savings Analysis: We project customer savings based on varying wind conditions and historic utility rate increases.


Permits: We handle the complete permitting process. Our in-depth knowledge of government agency concerns and requirements keeps this activity moving forward.

Engineering: Our partners survey customer property and needs to determine the best possible site then develop plans for installing the base and wind turbine tower(s).

Planning for implementation: Working with the customer’s management, we develop budgeting and timelines to minimize construction time and any possible disruption to the facility.

Team Selection and Briefing: We put the right team together from among our construction partners and go over all conditions and concerns before bringing a crew on site.

Construction and Completion: We excavate and pour the foundation, erect the tower and install the blade and make all electrical connections. Then we test the turbine before commissioning it to generate meaningful energy savings.