Pit & Quarry. July 12, 2010

Foundation Windpower and Teichert Aggregates unveiled a 1.5 megawatt wind
turbine generator, which will deliver renewable electricity on site to the sand and
gravel operation in Western San Joaquin County, just south of Tracy, Calif.

The 390-ft. tall General Electric wind turbine will supply up to 20 percent of the
electricity consumed by Teichert Aggregates with clean, renewable energy. Teichert
will use the renewable energy from the Foundation Windpower turbine to crush and
wash aggregates on site.

Foundation’s wind turbine allows Teichert Aggregates to replace electricity generated
from traditional hydrocarbon-based sources. Teichert will be removing the equivalent
of 1,300 metric tons of CO2 from the environment annually, an equivalent impact to
planting about 300 acres of trees in the community, company officials said.

This installation is the latest step in Teichert’s ongoing program to implement green
and renewable technologies in its operations. Such efforts have also included
installing a solar farm at its Woodland, Calif., facility and collaborating with Pacific
Gas and Electric Co. and Sacramento Municipal Utility District on operational
measures, which conserve energy usage at multiple California sites.

In evaluating and developing this project, Teichert proactively reached out to its
immediate neighbors to ensure all parties were amenable to the placement of the
wind turbine generator.

The $4 million facility was financed and developed by Foundation Windpower of San
Francisco. Foundation Windpower worked to assess the wind resource, select
equipment, organize installation and secure construction financing and tax equity
investment. Foundation Windpower utilized federal and state grants available to
encourage renewable and distributed generation to deliver this clean-power

“We are pleased to have Foundation Windpower on our site generating renewable
energy for our plant and making our community and its surrounding environment
cleaner,” said Teichert Aggregates President Dana Davis. “The new wind turbine
provides renewable energy, which lowers our operating costs and helps us compete
in the market and keep our 50 employees working at the plant.”

Foundation Windpower CEO Matt Wilson added, “We are committed to improving
California’s environment, reducing the need for new transmission lines and
decreasing our state’s need to import energy by producing clean energy that is more
cost-effective than any other distributed renewable energy resource available.”

The California Renewable Portfolio Standard requires California utilities to generate
20 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2010, and the California
Public Utilities Commission has acknowledged that wind generated renewable
electricity is the most affordable form of renewable energy available today.