Project Description

Commission Date:

August 2014


GE XLE 1.85 MW

Avg. Wind Speed:

Annual Production:

Carbon Offset:

Power Equivalent:

33,000 cases of beer daily

Anhueser-Busch Adds A Second Wind Turbine at California Facility

Drivers along Interstate 80 in Fairfield will be seeing double as the Anheuser-Busch brewery installs a second wind turbine.

The brewery added the final pieces to the top of the 80-meter tower Thursday.
The new turbine named “Bud Light” joins the brewery’s original turbine named, you guessed it, “Budweiser” to bring the facility’s alternative energy generation to 4.1 megawatts.

The two wind-driven turbines along with a 7-acre solar array provide 30 percent of the brewery’s electrical needs, according to resident engineer Damon Waker.
The new turbine is larger than its predecessor by 50 feet and has a 1.6 megawatt energy producing capability.

When the new turbine goes online in October, Waker said the brewery will produce enough of its own energy to brew, package and ship 33,000 cases of beer each day.

“Increasing energy efficiency through wind reflects our commitment to reducing environmental impact while producing the best beers in the world.”
Tony Sanfillipo, general manager of the Fairfield brewery