Project Description

Commission Date:

August 2011



Avg. Wind Speed:

11.4 MPH

Annual Production:

2076 MWh

Carbon Offset:

1736 Tons

Power Equivalent:

233 Homes

Cemex to cut emissions and costs with wind power

Cemex – Madison, California. Cemex aims to deliver the innovative, high-performing products, services, and solutions that our resource-constrained society requires in order to create a growing and profitable low-carbon economy. By fulfilling the needs of the construction sector in its efforts to adopt more sustainable operating practices, we aim to create long-lasting competitive advantages. Cemex strives to minimize the ecological impacts of its operations on the communities in which we operate. Such impacts are carefully identified and measured so that we can continuously reduce our footprint to the lowest level that is both technically and economically feasible.

Cemex has teamed with Foundation Windpower to deliver its first wind project in the United States at the Madison Aggregate facility. There are several more projects currently being developed in California.