Project Description

Commission Date:

June 2010



Avg. Wind Speed:

10.5 MPH

Annual Production:

1600 MWH

Carbon Offset:

1269 Tons

Power Equivalent:

169 Homes

Teichert Aggregates Comissions Large Scale Facility to Capture Clean, Renewable Energy From the Wind

Teichert Aggregates, Vernalis, California. Teichert Aggregates is one of the largest aggregate producers in the United States. Its plants produce graded rock and sand for any size project in locations throughout Northern California and the Central Valley. Teichert chose Foundation Windpower to generate renewable energy for its Tracy plant and make their community and its surrounding environment cleaner.

Teichert’s new 1.5-megawatt, 390-foot tall GE wind turbine supplies up to 20 percent of the facility’s electricity. This renewable energy lowers operating costs, enables the company to be more competetive in a challenging marketplace—and helps keep 50 employees working at the plant.

The Foundation Windpower solution will remove the equivalent of 1,300 metric tons of CO2 from the environment annually—the same impact as planting 300 acres of trees in Tracy. Teichert reached out to its community regarding the placement of the tower while Foundation assessed wind resources, selected equipment, organized installation, and secured construction and tax-equity investment. Federal and state grants helped reduce the cost of the project.

The potential for wind power has excited local officials. “We are the Saudi Arabia of wind,” said San Joaquin County Supervisor Leroy Ornellas. “As time goes by who knows how we’ll harness that wind. … This is huge.”

“California’s renewable portfolio standard requires that 20 percent of all electricity be generated from renewable sources by 2011. Our turbine meets that requirement and then some!”
Dana Davis – President, Teichert